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Our business story begins with our founder, who initially pursued a career in accounting. However, her father asked for assistance with his food distribution company, she made the bold decision to leave her accounting job to support him. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her journey in the food industry.​

As she navigated her new role in her father's company, the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges. Determined to secure her own financial stability without burdening her father, she seized the opportunity to introduce a line of breadsticks tailored specifically for his customers.​

Driven by positive feedback and encouraged by her father's blessing, our founder's entrepreneurial spirit flourished. She recognized the potential to carve out her own path in the market and embarked on the journey of starting her own business. Drawing from her passion for crafting gourmet snacks, she developed four distinct breadstick lines, each offering unique flavors and textures.​

With unwavering support from her family, our founder's business thrived, enabling her to expand her product offerings further. Building on the success of her breadsticks, she ventured into creating a new line of crisp petits, featuring three delectable varieties. Through dedication, resilience, and the support of loved ones, our founder transformed a challenging circumstance into a flourishing business, fulfilling her dream of bringing joy to customers through premium snacks crafted with care and passion.

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